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Web Based Advanced Office AutomationFarzin ICAN Advanced Administrative automation provides a safe and suitable ground to achieve a paperless and e-organization as well as a series of integrated and accessible information of different systems. In addition to the capability of correspondences circulation, it is possible to present e-services to the organization and clients on this ground, Furthermore; it has the capability to establish communication with other software of the organization such as portal, finance, personnel office, smart attendance system and warehouse.
  • Some of the specifications and special facilities of FARZIN ICAN administrative automation :

    • Fully based on web technology with layer architecture
    • Capability to define centralized , semi-centralized and decentralized secretariats
    • Using advanced security mechanisms
    • Possibility to share inter-organizational information by using PCF, ECE Protocols
    • The module of defining necessary switches for any type of document with the possibility of determining the size, color and name of the switches
    • The module of defining desirable services for the performance of each switch
    • Simultaneous support of Word Editor and web-based editor for typing the letters 
    • Capability of simple and advanced search based on the entire information fields and text of letters
    • Capability  to communicate with switching phone, SMS- Server, portal and web-booth 
    • Supporting secret sharing for safe management in awarding permits  
    • Capability of fully managed empowering as well as supervising on personal cartable
    • Capability to circulate all communications, folders and files
    • Capability to define e-filing in he three general, units and users’ levels
    • Full support of fax and emails 
    • Support of digital signature
    • Supporting conventional browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
    • Independent from the operation system of server and supporting various types of apparatuses (PCs, laptop, tablet, smart phones)