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ICAN BPMS is a flexible approach for automation and control of business processes to optimize and increase the productivity of the organization. This approach act as a connector and coordinator for people, information systems and the business partners in processes which brings better service for customers and clients.

Observing all BPMS standards, ICAN BPMS implements the production cycle in a way that, every process in its life can be optimized through this cycle and finally lead to the optimization of business processes.

  • ICAN BPMS advantages :

    • Increase productivity and reduce the financial costs and time
    • Continuous optimization of business processes
    • Focus on business processes
    • High flexibility and agility in fast and accurate implementation of organization rules
    • Reduce dependence toward developer
    • Feedback and re-engineering processes
    • Enabling quick and easy identification of bottlenecks and eliminating them in the business Process
    • Visibility of organization process
    • Reporting and Management analysis
    • Personnel effectiveness in the business processes
    • Facilitate decision-making, changes, and coordinating with the new requirements
    • Reduce the implementation processes time and offering new services
    • Simplicity of organization law enforcement in a continuous improvement cycle of a process
    • simulate and test the organizational processes before operation
    • ability to track, monitor and optimize processes
    • Increase customer and client satisfaction

Business Process Management Cycle :

  • Model and Design
  • Develop and Deploy
  • Manage and Monitor
  • Analyze and optimize