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Relying on knowledge and abilities of Iranian young experts and filling in the gap of Iranian software in global market, ICAN Engineering Group started its activity in 2000 with a team of 12 experts from industrial university. Following this approach, ICAN was well known as pioneer of innovation and creativity in the enterprise software market.
Meeting  the  organization’s need  to web-based information packages in organizational documents and papers management areas (such as letters, forms, files, folders), documentation of processes, software integration and other IT areas, this group  has been introduced and launched  the electronic organization in 2003 for the first time by adopting a distinctive and innovative vision. This product was marketed under the trade name of  Farzin ICAN Office Automation and E-Organization

Relying on design applications system, extensive customer trust, and technology developments, ICAN Engineering Group program and launch a 100% local powerful product according to the world's top ideas and proudly present it for exporting in advanced countries markets under the trade name of "ICAN BPMS (Business Process Management System). This product has been evolved significant developments in domestic and international market. ICAN BPMS follows the systematic and flexible approach toward surrounding changes and aiming at reducing human errors caused by incorrect information exchange between the people and finally optimize their performances.

In 2012, ICAN added financial systems, human resources and logistics to its product portfolio, and introduced integration software that enable the users to enjoy from working in a safe and integrated environment. Considering growing trend of island software applications in the organizations and lack of connection between them, we decided to design standard product which enable sftwares to communicate and integrate with each other. Then in 2014 the ICAN ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) has been launched to the Iran market. Thanking to standard architecture and service oriented infrastructure, ICAN ESB helps the organizations to achieve service-oriented architecture and standards.

Finally, we proudly declare that, our main concern has always been on customer proper service and satisfaction, consequently to meet this priority we have located our head offices in Tehran, Isfahan, Kerman, Khorasan, Khuzestan, Gilan, Golestan, and we have awarded sale and after-sale-service representative offices in all provinces of the country.